ibidi launches heating device for long term cell imaging


Munich, Germany, December 5th, 2005 - ibidi GmbH, a supplier for solutions for BioMicroscopy, has launched a heating device for µ-Dishes that allows long term cell imaging without being impaired by condensed water. The combination of heating stage and µ-Dish substantially improves the performance and convenience of live cell microscopy.


The µ-Dish is placed into the heating chamber and can directly be accessed by an inverted microscope. The heating elements are ordered so that a defined temperature gradient in vertical direction arises and thus avoids the formation of condensed water at the lid of the µ-Dishes or the lid of the µ-Slides.


In contrast to Petri dishes, µ-Dishes can be sealed to prevent evaporation of cell culture medium and therefore are suited for long-term experiments without loss of liquid. It is not necessary to control the humidity in the environment of the dish. The heating device can be used with any microscopy chamber or slide and can be adapted to any inverted microscopy system.


“ibidi has developed a range of slides and dishes for live-cell-imaging as well as a pumping system for perfusion systems” says Dr. Valentin Kahl, General Manager of ibidi. “The heating device is a consequent development step to establish ibidi as a supplier for system biology”.

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