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Friday, 21 November 2008 09:12 (UTC + 1)


e-Detailing and ROI: Planning, Metrics, and Best Practices


November 21, 2008, London /b3c newswire / - The state of the pharmaceutical union has meant massive marketing effort put toward detailing, but a dramatically less receptive audience. This is changing as sales forces around the world are being slashed. e-Detailing represents a way to maximize sales force efforts, cut costs and increase both interaction with physicians and bottom line sales and profit. As such, e-detailing forms vary in popularity and usage but are part of the marketing investment of all the top 20 pharmaceutical companies.


How important is e-detailing to today’s marketing environment? A study by Verispan in 2007 showed 80% of physicians participate in e-detailing initiatives; even more telling, 20% of physicians have completely substituted e-detailing for personal sales calls. More and more, Big Pharma is taking notice. Merck, OrthoMcNeil, and more have signed on for major e-detailing programs with companies like Aptilon. As a result, Merck has slashed promotional spending 9% since 2005, and estimates an additional 15-20% savings by 2010. For the full article please see http://social.eyeforpharma.com/story/e-detailing-and-roi-planning-metrics-and-best-practices


The Sales Force Effectiveness Summit, 3-5th March, Barcelona, addresses these issues head-on and presents best practices in meeting these challenges.

eyeforpharma Sales Force Effectiveness events have attracted over 2500 senior-level delegates with over 90% positive feedback.


For more information visit  http://www.eyeforpharma.com/sales2009/

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