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EuroPLX Enters 15th Year of Facilitating Pharma Deals

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Thursday, 05 February 2009 08:35 (UTC + 1)

Dielheim, Germany, 5 February 2009 / b3c newswire/ -With its 40th Meeting forthcoming in June, EuroPLX® (short for European Pharma License Exchange) will enter its 15th year of facilitating pharma deals in the worldwide pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Established in 1995, EuroPLX Meetings are regular partnering events, attended by top-level business development executives from all over the world to discuss and negotiate collaborative agreements in a highly organised process.

Company owners or their family members, Chief Executive Officers, Managing Directors, Presidents, and Vice Presidents usually make up a third of the participants of EuroPLX Meetings. Directors and Heads of Business Development constitute another third. The decision power present is underscored by the size of the deals: some companies have initiated their largest deals ever at EuroPLX.

The partnering scope of EuroPLX Meetings spans from patented and generic, prescription and OTC drugs, to nutraceuticals and medical devices, and comprises development, licensing, marketing, promotion, and distribution of products.

Apart from negotiations, EuroPLX Meetings have evolved into a peer-to-peer knowledge exchange platform where issues such as new target markets, national differences in regulatory and reimbursement practices, valuation, deal structures, portfolio planning, scenario modelling, alliance management and many others are discussed among the delegates who usually represent more than 30 countries from four to five continents. The insider information gained at EuroPLX "sometimes results in drafting completely different strategies" according to participants.

EuroPLX Meetings typically deliver an average of 23-24 pre-scheduled business negotiations per company, far above the mainstream partnering conference standard. They are smaller, more focused, and more affordable.

With the current economic downturn EuroPLX experiences two distinct trends. For one, biotech and, especially, pharmaceutical companies tend to look more into deriving benefit from partnerships than ever before and seek platforms which offer focused, tangible business opportunities. And, concerning conferences and seminars, executives now distinguish clearly between must-attend events and nice-to-be-there conferences. More results for the euro or dollar is what companies go for during these days.

EuroPLX 40 Warsaw will be held at the Sheraton Warsaw Hotel & Towers in Warsaw, Poland, on June 8 and 9, 2009. More details on www.europlx.comThe full agenda can be downloaded at www.europlx.com/e40.htm



Dr. Norbert Rau
RauCon business development
Kurfürstenstr. 1A
69234 Dielheim
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