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weSRCH.com Members Can Now Sell Reports with New Application

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Monday, 15 June 2009 14:44 (UTC + 2)



Santa Clara, CA, June 15, 2009 / b3c newswire / – weSRCH.com, a social media site for professionals, has just released a new application on their website that allows users to sell reports online. Reports for Sale is free for members to use and there are no restrictions on report topics. weSRCH.com acts as a non-exclusive rep for them.

Reports for Sale is for the professional who wants to go beyond free-blogging and earn some money for their work. Similar to posting a paper or blog at weSRCH, Reports for Sale gives members the additional ability to sell research reports online.
Reports for Sale are displayed on a separate tab in each of the domain’s home pages. When the tab is selected, a list of available reports for sale in that domain will be listed. Buyers can scroll through the available reports and click-through to view a brochure and/or summary. The buyer can then choose to purchase the report or go back to view other papers.
When a report is purchased, the buyer pays for the report through PayPal and a notice is sent to both the author and weSRCH.com. Upon completing their purchase, a password and download instructions for the report are emailed to the buyer. weSRCH.com then sends a check to the author. Once purchased, reports can also be viewed later in the buyer’s myLIBRARY.     
To learn more about this new feature and to start selling reports, go to  http://www.wesrch.com today and sign up as a member. 
About weSRCH - www.wesrch.com
weSRCH.com is a professional networking site for individuals in the Green Tech, Medical, and High Tech industries. It fosters innovation through publications, conferences, surveys, industry news, press releases, and member collaboration. weSRCH is unique: it provides an open forum for sharing technical ideas, company news, and personal opinions. Simply stated, weSRCH is about forming communities of researchers and enabling open conversations among like-minded professionals anywhere in the world.


Jennifer Wilson
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