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GATC expands service portfolio for human samples: From targeted regions to exomes and genomes

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Wednesday, 23 September 2009 16:00 (UTC + 2)



Constance, Germany, September 23, 2009 / b3c newswire / – GATC Biotech, Europe’s leading sequencing service provider, now offers unique human genome sequencing services using state-of-the-art enrichment technologies from Agilent along with Next-Generation sequencing systems such as Roche GS FLX and Illumina Genome Analyzer IIx.
Customers can combine any number of samples with any size of targeted region to be subsequently sequenced on any available sequencing technology. The deep sequencing of specific regions on a large number of samples is now affordable and within reach. GATC uses, for example, the SureSelect Targeted Enrichment system and the On-Array DNA Capture system from Agilent.
Sample tagging/barcoding will decrease the sequencing costs. For the transcriptome analysis the new Agilent SureSelect Human All Exon Kit can be used. Complete human genome re-sequencing is also available. The bioinformatic analysis includes mapping, SNP / InDel analysis and visualization.
“We did a re-sequencing project with 5 human genomes for the DKFZ in Heidelberg as a pilot study and were amazed by the high potential of these applications for cancer research, diagnostics or other fields of clinical research,” says Peter Pohl, CEO of GATC Biotech.
End of 2006 GATC Biotech AG initiated the “100-Human-Genome-Project” with the goal to help to decrease the costs for a re-sequenced human genome to Euro 500.

About GATC Biotech - www.gatc-biotech.com

GATC Biotech is Europe’s leading service provider of DNA sequencing and bioinformatics for industry and academic research. For nearly two decades we have been continuously developing new and comprehensive solutions for DNA sequencing and bioinformatics sequence analysis – for individual DNA samples through to whole transcriptome and genome projects. With a total of eleven sequencing instruments (ABI 3730xl, Illumina Genome Analyzer IIx, Roche GS FLX) GATC has the largest commercially available sequencing capacity in Europe with two terabases per year. The company is the first sequencing service provider in Germany to have completed the Illumina CSPro certification process. More than 100 employees serve over 10,000 customers in 40 countries around the globe. The company has subsidiary companies in Great Britain, France and Sweden.

GATC Biotech AG
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Jakob-Stadler-Platz 7
D-78467 Konstanz
Phone: +49 (0) 7531-816030
Fax: +49 (0) 7531-816081
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