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NightSHADE: The Dedicated In Vivo Plant Imager – a New Concept for Plant Research

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Monday, 30 November 2009 14:30 (UTC + 1)


Bad Wildbad, Germany, November 30, 2009 / b3c newswire / - Based on the experiences with the NightOWL in vivo imager BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES has developed the new NightSHADE imaging system with plant research in mind.


For applications such as gene research, circadian rhythms, regulation of plant growth, stress tolerance and drug screening the NightSHADE will offer unique features for plant research.


• Top-view emCCD camera with high resolution
• LED-based plant illumination with daylight simulation
• 2nd camera for side-view imaging
• x-y table and rotating table for 360° viewing
• temperature & humidity control



Caption: NightShade in vivo plant imager 


NightSHADE is equipped with a highly sensitive 1 Mpixel emCCD camera cooled to an absolute tem-perature of -20 °C. The electron multiplying (em) mode of the camera enhances the signals by amplifying the electrons during readout. This increases the sensitivity with short exposure times and enables single photon detection. The maximum quantum efficiency is reached between 550 and 750 nm making the camera an ideal choice for luciferases and fluorescent dyes:


Caption: NightShade is equipped with a 1 Mpixel emCCD camera, an ideal choice for luciferases and fluorescent dyes.


Various accessories like filters, transilluminators or the mobile workstation are available. With the certified calibration you can check easily the performance.



About Berthold Technologies - www.berthold.com
Berthold Technologies, a family driven company with it’s headquarters in Bad Wildbad, Germany, has been providing bioanalytical instruments to the research and the diagnostic market for more than 60 years. The company is offering innovative products through a worldwide network of subsidiaries and distributors to customers in academic and pharmaceutical research as well as clinical diagnostics.




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