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clinicalprojects international GmbH Announces Further Growth into New Therapeutic and Geographic Areas

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Tuesday, 02 February 2010 17:00 (UTC + 1)


Rheinbach, Germany, February 2, 2010 / b3c newswire / - clinicalprojects international GmbH (CPI), an independent contract research organization, announced today that the company is continuing its growth into new therapeutic areas for the development of (bio)pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

CPI started offering clinical development services in 2007 as a young Clinical Research Organization (CRO) in intensive care medicine with a special focus on sepsis.  In the interim, CPI has successfully expanded its clinical operations and regulatory services in further therapeutic areas across Europe.  In addition to its core expertise in the management of phase II and phase III clinical trials, CPI further expanded its range of services to cater for observational studies beginning of 2009.  The company’s current clients include international (bio)pharmaceutical and medical device companies, and CPI's repeat business has been a major factor in driving the business forward. 

Joerg W. Breitkopf, Managing Director of clinicalprojects international GmbH commented, “The year 2010 will be another very important year for the continuing development of the company.  Our plans include geographic expansion into other European markets, and plans for Italy, Spain, and the UK in particular are very close to realization.”

In January 2009, a communication about tentative merger plans with a US-based company could be read in a press release, but such plans did not come to fruition.  Mr. Breitkopf commented,”CPI has both the infrastructure and the client base to further develop itself as an independent organization in 2010 and the future”.


About CPI - www.clinicalprojects.de
CPI is a new generation of CRO based in Rheinbach, Germany.  CPI offers the full spectrum of CRO services either directly or in co-operation with preferred and audited clinical research partners.  High quality, solution-oriented, and pro-active clinical development services as deliverables are the essence of CPI.

Joerg W. Breitkopf, Managing Director
clinicalprojects international GmbH
Phone: +49 2226 1596311
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it