Bionas Adcon Reader for Impedance-based Cellular Analysis Launched

Rostock, Germany, July 19, 2010 / b3c newswire / - Bionas GmbH announces the launch of its new Bionas® adcon reader for impedance-based, cellular analysis. The Bionas adcon reader technology is based on real-time monitoring of cellular impedance, thus giving real-time data about cell adhesion, membrane integrity, cellular morphology and cell proliferation for applications in toxicology, oncology, receptor signaling as well as the quality management of cells.  Bionas technology allows for the analysis of cellular behavior in real-time without the use of any dyes or antibodies, thus avoiding the result being biased by the manipulation of the cells during the assay. The Bionas adcon reader consists of the Bionas plate station, the Bionas analyzer and a control unit (PC) and offers easy handling in 96-well format for laboratory research and HTS applications.

Also this summer, Bionas will launch the Bionas® 15002 RtU-Transporter system, an advancement of the existing two-channel Bionas 15002 analyzing system, but especially adapted for the analysis of membrane transport mechanisms and their role in multidrug resistances. It is the first automatic, label-free test system in the area of membrane transporter research, measuring impedance, O2-consumption and acidification. 

With the new analyzing systems, Bionas is responding to the increasing demand of the life science community for label-free, real-time assays.  Bionas is convinced that the recognized Bionas® 2500 analyzing system, for real-time monitoring of impedance (adhesion), acidification and O2-consumption, will be perfectly complemented by the new Bionas adcon reader and the Bionas 15002 RtU-Transporter system. The Bionas 2500 analyzing system so far, is the only analyzing system that generates real-time data of three parameters in parallel.

With this expansion of its product portfolio and the resulting applications, Bionas continuous to offer promising solutions and applications to its customers at the same time building on the advantage of label-free technology. For further information, please go to:



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Bionas® adcon reader, the Bionas® 15002 RtU-Transporter system and the Bionas® 2500 analyzing system are registered trademarks of Bionas GmbH.



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