Nuevolution Enters Lead Discovery Collaboration in the Field of Epigenetic Disorders


Copenhagen, Denmark, October 6, 2010 / b3c newswire / – Nuevolution A/S today announced that it has entered into a lead discovery collaboration focused on epigenetic disorders.


A consortium between Nuevolution, EpiTherapeutics, ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies and the research group of Professor Kristian Helin (Biotech Research & Innovation Centre, University of Copenhagen) has been established with the objective of identifying and developing novel small molecule drugs against epigenetic factors. The 24 MDKK budget project is supported by the Danish High Technology Fund.


During the collaboration, Nuevolution will apply its proprietary and powerful Chemetics® technology to screen hundreds of millions small molecules. All biology and disease skills and expertises needed for the project to be successful are provided by EpiTherapeutics, ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies and Professor Kristian Helin (BRIC).


“We are delighted with the establishment of this collaboration. We believe that this consortium of skills represents the ideal combination to efficiently identify and develop novel drug leads toward epigenetic based disorders,” said Alex Gouliaev, CEO of Nuevolution A/S. “It is with great pleasure we apply our Chemetics® technology within the exciting area of epigenetics and we are looking forward to a successful collaboration”.



About Nuevolution -

Nuevolution is a leading small molecule lead discovery company founded in 2001 and based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company has developed Chemetics®, a unique, patent protected hybrid of proven wet chemistry and molecular biology which represents the ultimate fragment based drug discovery technology. Chemetics® enables rapid synthesis and DNA-tagging of hundreds of millions of chemically diverse drug-like small molecule compounds and the efficient screening of these, facilitating the identification of potent drug leads at unprecedented quantity, quality and speed compared to existing drug discovery technologies.


In June 2009, Nuevolutions library collection exceeded 1 billion small molecule compounds for screening.


Nuevolution partners its technology with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. In 2008, Nuevolution entered into collaborations with Merck & Co. and Lexicon Pharmaceuticals. The collaboration with Merck & Co. was expanded in April 2009. During summer 2009, Nuevolution has announced agreements with Novartis Pharma and GlaxoSmithKline.


Nuevolution has demonstrated the power of Chemetics® by identifying highly potent and drug like novel ligands with the potential to address major unmet medical needs across a range of therapeutic areas and target classes.


Nuevolution is a privately owned company and has raised € 39 million in financing from key Scandinavian investors, including SEB Venture, Sunstone Capital, SLS Invest and Novo A/S. For more information about Nuevolution A/S, please visit the company’s website


For further details about Nuevolution and the Chemetics® technology please contact:


Nuevolution A/S

Alex Haahr Gouliaev, CEO

Phone: +45 7020 0987

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