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GATC Biotech Opens Third Sequencing Laboratory in Europe

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Wednesday, 17 November 2010 11:30 (UTC + 1)


Facilities will be situated in Düsseldorf, Germany


Konstanz, Germany, November 17, 2010 / b3c newswire / – GATC Biotech’s new sequencing laboratory will be their second in Germany and will be located in the Life Science Center Düsseldorf. Through the new facilities, scientists from Northern Germany and adjacent countries will benefit from GATC Biotech’s special overnight service, called NightXpress, which was first introduced in 2007. This single sample sequencing service reduces delivery times close to half a day from sample collection. The new laboratory will be subject to the same stringent quality standards and automation as the laboratories in GATC Biotech’s headquarters in Constance (Germany). It will start operations on January 4, 2011.


Jochen Schäfer, Director Custom Sequencing at GATC Biotech, comments: “We see a growing need in providing sequencing services with shortest turnaround times, therefore it is essential to be closer to our customers. The Life Science Center Düsseldorf just offers the perfect infrastructure and geographic location.”



About the Life Science Center Düsseldorf

The Life Science Center Düsseldorf (LSC) is the technology and entrepreneur center for Düsseldorf in Life Sciences (e.g. Biotechnology, Medical and Pharmaceutical Science) and further technologies. The LSC supports founders, young enterprises and research institutions in turning their scientific know-how into a marketable product or process. This also applies to companies that are already successful in the marketplace and wish to expand. The LSC consists of two buildings that perfectly complement each other: the Technology Center with laboratory infrastructure (S2 standard) and associated offices. Vis á vis the representative Office Building, in which the service companies can assist and support the companies located in the Technology Center.

Elke Decker
Director Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communication

GATC Biotech AG
Jakob-Stadler-Platz 7
D-78467 Konstanz

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