Glycotope Receives Innovation Award Berlin Brandenburg 2010


Berlin, Germany, December 14, 2010, / b3c newswire / -Glycotope GmbH, a leading glycobiology company, has won the innovation award 2010 jointly presented by the German states of Berlin and Brandenburg in recognition of the company’s GlycoExpress™ technology platform. GlycoExpress™ combines a very efficient improvement of the activities and side effects of a broad range of protein biopharmaceuticals with the suitability for a much broader patient population and a very high productivity. Currently four therapeutic proteins (3 antibodies) have been produced under GMP two of which are currently tested in clinical trials.


“We are highly delighted”, says Dr. Steffen Goletz, CEO, CSO and Founder of Glycotope GmbH. “After receiving the STEP award 2010, winning another prestigious prize within short time is an important recognition of our scientific and corporate advances we have accomplished over the last years”.


With close to 70 employees just at the Biotech-campus in Berlin-Buch, Glycotope has developed into an outstanding representative of the Biotech region Berlin-Brandenburg.



About Glycotope GmbH and the GlycoExpress™ technology

GLYCOTOPE, founded in 2001, focuses on the optimization and humanization of therapeutically relevant sugar structures on biopharmaceuticals known as glycosylation and on the development of innovative antibodies targeting glycostructures on cell surfaces. GlycoExpress™, the broadest, most potent and validated GlycoOptimization technology for improvement of the vast majority of antibodies & protein biopharmaceuticals is superior in productivity and quality to current production systems. GlycoExpress™ allows to make existing and new biopharmaceutical drugs more effective with less side effects and a suitability for a much broader patient population, which is of considerable medical as well as economic importance. Glycotope evolved into a leading integrated glycobiology company, covering all phases in drug development such as lead optimization, preclinical and process development, GMP production down to the clinical development. Glycotope´s most advanced pipeline includes antibodies against novel targets for cancer therapy (e.g. GT-MAB 2.5-GEX™) and significantly improved versions of antibodies as well as other already marketed therapeutic proteins, so called Biobetters. Two of these products have initiated the clinic since 2009, with two more to follow in the first half of 2011.


The Award

The prestigious innovation prize is jointly awarded by the German states of Berlin and Brandenburg in public-private-partnership with corporate partners of the capital region. The award focuses on supporting businesses and innovators in the region, recognizing outstanding innovation and aimed at linking research, development and corporations in order to stimulate innovation in future growth sectors like Biotech/Medtech/Pharma, Energy, IT/TelCom/Media, optics and transportation. The price is awarded every year in December to a maximum of 5 winners and valued at 10.000 €.




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