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InVitria Achieves cGMP Qualification Milestone

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Tuesday, 08 February 2011 19:00 (UTC + 1)


InVitria announces Lysobac is now available as a cGMP grade cell lysis reagent.


Lysobac is a recombinant and animal component free lysozyme used to manufacture biotherapeutics when a gentle microbial lysing agent is required to maintain product quality and integrity.

Fort Collins, CO, USA, February 8, 2011 / b3c newswire / – InVitria announces that its Lysobac cell lysing reagent is manufactured at the Company’s Junction City, Kansas facility under cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. Lysobac is a completely animal component free reagent that is substantially more effective and consistent than hen egg white lysozyme and complies with global regulatory standards for manufacturing biotherapeutics.


“Achievement of this milestone demonstrates InVitria’s commitment to the high quality standards that our customers expect,” said Shawn Smith, Vice President of Sales & Marketing.  


“Customers routinely inspect our facility and operations as part of their normal purchasing and vendor qualification process. With the introduction of cGMP-grade Lysobac, we are raising the bar for the quality of reagents used in biomanufacturing,” said Greg Unruh, Vice President of Manufacturing.


InVitria’s Lysobac is used in the manufacture of several products derived from microbial fermentation such as E. coli. Lysobac is more than four times more effective than hen egg white lysozyme and because it is derived from recombinant production, it is delivers consistent performance. For more information about Lysobac, please visit www.Lysobac.com .


All biomanufacturing products from InVitria are animal component free and manufactured in Kansas. They include cell culture media supplements that optimize performance of cell lines including CHO, hybridoma, Vero, MDCK, mesenchymal, pluripotent, keratinocyte, chondrocyte and a wide array of stem and primary cell lines.


About InVitria - www.invitria.com

InVitria develops, manufactures and markets a portfolio of products used in cell culture, diagnostics and bioproduction. InVitria’s products address customer needs for defined, animal component free cell culture supplements in stem cell technology, regenerative medicine, biomanufacturing, diagnostics, biopharmaceutical formulation, cell-based vaccines and general life science research.


To obtain more information about InVitria’s product solutions, e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , visit us online at www.InVitria.com , or call toll-free 1-800-916-8311.