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New Desktop Liquid Handling Instrument from Biohit

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Thursday, 31 March 2011 09:00 (UTC + 2)


Helsinki, Finland, March 31, 2011 / b3c newswire / - More efficient R&D and production processes are leading to increased liquid handling automation in many laboratories. Industrial laboratories in particular are seeking to move away from handheld pipettes towards computer-controlled analysis systems and liquid handling equipment that makes use of robotics.

To meet the growing demand, Biohit is now launching a new type of tool for automated pipetting. The Biohit Roboline is a small, quiet and compact automated liquid handling instrument that can be placed anywhere in the lab. Easy programmability and a fast drag-and-drop function make the tool easy to use and suitable for a wide range of laboratory applications.

The Roboline enables the user to simply automate a single work stage or a whole application. The robotic dispensing module guarantees that results are accurate and precise without the risk of human error. The instrument is particularly suitable for low and medium-throughput laboratories

Automated pipetting winning ground
Biohit’s core competence lies in electronic pipettes. A significant portion of electronic pipettes used worldwide have been developed by Biohit. Biohit Roboline is largely based on the innovations and technologies used in these pipettes. The automatic dispenser offers a new solution to the challenges laboratories face with regard to safety and cost-effectiveness.

The global market for pipettes is growing about 5 to 10 per cent per year. According to Biohit’s estimates, the market for liquid handling devices will see growth in electronic pipettes and easy-to-use desktop instruments, such as the Roboline, in particular.


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Biohit Roboline is a new desktop liquid handling instrument

About Biohit Oyj - www.biohit.com

Biohit Oyj is a globally operating Finnish biotechnology company that was established in 1988. The company’s mission is to improve human health and quality of life. The company follows a goal-directed and long-term innovation and patenting strategy.

Biohit works with scientific communities to produce new technologies, products and services based on research results and innovations that can be used to develop safe and cost-effective liquid handling solutions for laboratory work as well as diagnostic tests for the early detection and prevention of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Biohit has two business segments: liquid handling and diagnostics. Liquid handling products include electronic and mechanical pipettes, disposable tips as well as pipette maintenance and calibration services for research institutions, healthcare and industrial laboratories.

The diagnostics business comprises products and analysis systems for the early diagnosis and prevention of gastrointestinal diseases, such as the blood-sample based GastroPanel examinations for the diagnosis of stomach illnesses and associated risks, quick tests for the diagnosis of lactose intolerance and H. pylori infection in connection with gastroscopy, and the ColonView examination for the early detection of intestinal bleeding that indicates a risk of colorectal cancer. Acetium reduces the amount of carcinogenic acetaldehyde in an anacidic stomach.

The Biohit Group employs around 420 people. The company is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, and has subsidiaries in France, Germany, the UK, Russia, India, China, Japan and the USA. The company also has a representative office in Singapore. Biohit's products are also sold through about 200 distributors in 70 countries.

Since 1999, Biohit's Series B share has been quoted on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki in the Small cap/Healthcare group and is traded under the code BIOBV.

Read more at www.biohit.com

Further information:


Hanna Pollock
Product Manager, Biohit Oyj
Tel. +358 40 708 1587
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Josefin Hoviniemi
Communications Director, Biohit Oyj
Tel. +358 9 7738 6363
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