LingVitae, Plarion and KTH Royal Institute of Technology Initiate a Collaboration to Provide DNA-based Molecular Testing Outside Central Core Laboratories


Stockholm, Sweden - March 28, 2012 / B3C newswire / - LingVitae, Plarion Ltd and KTH Royal Institute of Technology have today announced engagement into a collaborative development program aiming at utilising the new Discipher system for bringing DNA-based testing and diagnostics to point-of-care settings.

“Our aim with the Discipher is to democratise molecular and cellular analysis, putting low-cost easy to use tools in the hands of the wider community, outside of core laboratories”, said Dr Jackie Cole, Head of Marketing for Plarion. 

As part of this engagement with KTH, LingVitae/Plarion will transfer prototype versions of the Discipher instrument to the researchers at KTH, as well as supporting the development work by customising the optical disc-based disposable assay devices. 

“We look forward to the collaboration with Professor Lundeberg’s group. The track-record of KTH on development of DNA based assays, utilising a repertoire of molecular techniques, provides an exciting opportunity for us to expand our activities in the DNA assay space”, says Dr Preben Lexow, Chief Executive Officer of LingVitae. 

Discipher is a low-cost, walk-away system, based on DVD technology. It uses self-contained, disposable assay devices in the form of DVD discs with microfluidic channels. The system has been jointly developed by UK-based Plarion Ltd and LingVitae, a Scandinavian life science company. This work has been supported by funding from the Seventh Research Framework Programme of the European Union, under the Digital Sequencing project (contract 222913).

“We see that the Discipher system addresses an unmet need in bringing DNA based diagnostics and testing to users who have previously had not access to this technology. We look forward the opportunity to strengthen our collaboration with both LingVitae and Plarion”, says Professor Lundeberg, based at the Science for Life Laboratory in Stockholm.

About LingVitae Corporation
LingVitae Corporation is a technology development company founded in Oslo (Norway) in 2002. They develop diagnostic technologies and platforms, specialising in the field of DNA analysis. The innovative Discipher system - with its integrated temperature control, centrifuge and high resolution readout - is well suited for point-of-care assays requiring minimal end user operation, rapid turnaround times and ability to multiplex tests. Assay developers, especially in the areas of immuno and cellular assays, are encouraged to contact LingVitae to discuss collaborations or assay transfers to Discipher system.

About Plarion Ltd
Plarion Ltd is a scientific engineering company, who develop new products and provide specialist R&D services based on thin film, nano-replication, optical media and drive technology.

About KTH Royal Institute of Technology
KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm is the largest, oldest and most international technical university in Sweden. Education and research spans from natural sciences to all the branches of engineering.


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LingVitae Corporation
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