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Management Team Realignment

Harderwijk, the Netherlands, April 18, 2013 / B3C newswire / - GENALICE B.V., specialized in designing and developing innovative software solutions for DNA analysis, correlation and processing of biomedical Big Data, today announced the imminent release of the beta version of its first product, GENALICE MAP, to take place within the next few weeks. MAP can process raw DNA data, produced by sequencers, in a fast, cost effective and reliable way and stores the data in a small file for easier manageability. Major applications are DNA research and drug development of complex diseases such as cancer. In anticipation of this new phase of the company’s development the tasks within the management team have been rearranged. Jos Lunenberg will now fulfill the role of CEO (Chief Executive Officer). Bert Reijmerink will now assume the position of CSO (Chief Strategy Officer). Co-founder Hans Karten remains CTO (Chief Technology Officer).

New phase, new organization
The management of GENALICE is passionate about contributing to improving the diagnosis and treatment methods for patients with complex DNA-related diseases. The company was founded in 2011 by Bert Reijmerink and Hans Karten, who is highly experienced in the field of ‘high performance’, ‘high volume’ data processing and analysis. In January last year, the team was strengthened by the arrival of Jos Lunenberg, an expert in marketing & sales management and business strategies within the life sciences industry. In the initial phase of GENALICE the focus was on developing new products and finding investors. To this end, alliances were sought with scientists and managers from the top of the medical community and industry. Consequently the launch of GENALICE’s first product is now imminent.

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"We believe we can bring a major breakthrough in DNA research with our product"
"GENALICE MAP can process raw data, produced by sequencers, rapidly, cost effectively and reliably," explains Hans Karten about the new product. "MAP accelerates this so-called alignment process two hundred-fold compared to existing methods. The required disk space for storing the data is a hundred times smaller than is common. Earlier this week we presented these breakthrough results at the annual Netherlands Bioinformatics Conference (NBIC 2013)". Bert Reijmerink adds: "This gives scientists the opportunity for cheaper and faster DNA research and new drug development to tackle complex diseases such as cancer. The energy savings that we can realize are significant too. With the launch of MAP - in the summer of this year - we can bring about a major breakthrough in DNA research. For this phase we needed another type of CEO; one with knowledge and experience in the field of life sciences and healthcare. With his background as a molecular biologist and his broad and international experience in the life sciences industry, Jos Lunenberg is a logical choice. As of today, I will focus on the setting up strategic alliances and indirect sales models, so that we can continue to grow in the near future and develop new products to bring to the market”.

GENALICE is a young innovative software company, based in Harderwijk (the Netherlands). Its mission is to improve and accelerate research into complex DNA-related diseases, such as cancer. By designing and developing groundbreaking software solutions GENALICE will make an important contribution to improved diagnosis and treatment of these diseases. One of these software solutions, GENALICE MAP, is a so-called short read alignment tool. MAP can process raw DNA data, produced by machines that read DNA, quickly, cost effective and reliably to a small file capable of further analysis. Its second product under development, GENALICE LINK, is a unique open platform for processing, integrating and correlating biomedical Big Data. On a standard hardware configuration all the biomedical data of up to 150,000 patients can be analyzed within seconds. GENALICE thus combines the robustness of the Oracle database with the performance and flexibility of customized software. The technology used is generally applicable, not only in the field of bioinformatics, but also in all areas where reducing the data footprint and ultra-fast interpretation, transformation and correlation of data from different sources is important.

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