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B3C Newswire Increases Media Impact

B3C newswire focuses on the biopharmaceutical, medical technology, diagnostics and biochemical industries. Our competitive advantage is our much greater reach in these trades resulting in up to 100% more industry-specific coverage compared to generic wire services which serve hundreds of industries. We send press releases mainly to the personal email addresses of editors and not to centralized newsroom operations. We generate media impact and not just hits in Google!

Global Reach: Most trade media have an international readership, therefore we ignore geographic borders and distribute every news item worldwide.

Targeted Distribution:
Your news item is distributed according to the editors' preferences for achieving maximum awareness.

B3C newswire Posts News to Biotech Social Media

B3C newswire is the only PR distribution service that uses a huge industry-specific Twitter network for news dissemination. Furthermore, we post press releases pro-actively to biotech social media groups to reach 300,000+ biotech professionals worldwide.

Access to social media:
B3C manually posts press releases to our targeted Twitter network and other biotech social media sites for maximum visibility and awareness of your news.

B3C Newswire is Cost-Effective

Our service is available on a fee-for-service basis. You’ll find that our prices are extremely competitive compared to generic wire services that blindly send press releases to general email boxes and use news syndication for PR distribution. B3C newswire maintains an up-to-date database of publication editors worldwide. We email news releases individually to the inbox of editors and most editors have specified the news topics they are interested in which means that your release has a better chance of being used.

Save time and money: We continuously update and extend our media network and bring your news directly to your peers by using the power of social media. This means that you can streamline processes and increase efficiency!

B3C Newswire is Convenient

Simply email us your news item as a Microsoft Word file (.doc or .docx) and we’ll send you an offer and take care of its distribution. We post your press release to our SEO website to make it show up on online searches very quickly. You save lots of time because there is no need to maintain your own trade media list or Twitter network.

Interested in seeing the media lists and some PR monitoring results? Please contact us.