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  • Telstar Completes the Expansion of Merck‘s Biotechnological Manufacturing Plant in Madrid

    The project has been developed under the EPCM (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management) model Terrassa (Barcelona) 2016, May 23rd. Merck has completed the enlargement of its facilities in Tres Cantos, Madrid, where the German company aims to increase the production of recombinant growth...

  • Thermo Fisher Extends Technology Collaboration with University of Birmingham

    New Phenome Centre Birmingham to use Thermo Scientific mass spectrometry instruments to advance metabolic phenotyping and metabolomics studies SAN JOSE, Calif., – (May 23, 2016) –Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc, the world leader in serving science, is pleased to announce plans to extend its technology...

  • Asynt Introduce Self-Regenerating Purifier for Chromatography Gases

    Asynt has introduced GasTrap gas purifiers for analytical laboratories using Gas Chromatography (GC), High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) or Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) instrumentation. Gas purity is essential in any GC, HPLC or GC/MS application requiring high sensitivity. Available in optimised...

  • INTEGRA :VIAFLO 96/384 Delivers Optimised Pipetting Performance

    INTEGRA has expanded the range of interchangeable pipetting heads for its market-leading handheld VIAFLO 96/384 electronic pipettes.  The introduction of the new 50 microliter head enables the VIAFLO 96/384 to uniquely offer optimised pipetting performance in five volume ranges 0.5-12.5, 2-50, 5-125,...

  • Chromatrap:Rapid production of ultra-pure DNA

    Chromatrap® has announced a new 96-well high throughput purification plate for production of ultra-pure DNA. Using proprietary filtration media that allow much higher loadings of active material than has been previously possible, typical assay times using the Chromatrap® DNA Purification Plate are...