ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies and the Protein Purification Facility at Cancer Research UK’s London Research Institute Enter a Licensing Agreement for Use of the ExpreS2 Technology Platform

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Hørsholm, Denmark, and London, UK, 10th June, 2013 / B3C newswire / –
Biotech company ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies today announced that they have signed a research license agreement to provide the Protein Purification Facility at Cancer Research UK’s London Research Institute  with access to its Drosophila Schneider-2 cell-based technology platform - ExpreS2 - for protein production. The stable, non-lytic protein expression platform, which is fully cGMP compatible, will complement the existing capabilities in protein expression at the Protein Purification Facility. The platform will be used to address expression of complex and “challenging” proteins, including Fab fragments and other proteins.

This license is a relevant addition to ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies’ vision of making its production platform available to academic centers of excellence globally, in complement to the Company’s strategy of making S2 one of the standard protein production platforms in the immunotherapy and therapeutic protein segments.

Dr. Charlotte Dyring, CEO of ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies, said: “We are excited to sign this license agreement with the Protein Production Facility of Cancer Research UK, one of the world research centers of excellence for cancer biology. We have in the past used the ExpreS2 protein expression system to enable the advance of cancer projects, and this Research License confirms the relevance of the system in complementing existing protein needs in cancer research.”

Dr. Svend Kjaer, Head of the Protein Purification Facility at the London Research Institute commented: “We are very pleased with the capabilities demonstrated by the ExpreS2 platform, which we have employed for a number of our taxing projects. The technology complements our baculovirus-based protein expression activities perfectly and we look forward to expanding the application range of the technology to other projects involving other promising protein targets implicated in cancer.”

About ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies 
ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies has developed a complete proprietary protein expression platform, ExpreS2, based on engineered Drosophila Schneider-2 (S2) cells to serve recombinant protein production needs in the biopharmaceutical industry as well as in academia.  ExpreS2 allows quick access to proteins, excellent protein expression capability, scalability, applicability to high cell density production processes and regulatory friendliness. ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies is collaborating with teams developing manufacturing processes for malaria recombinant subunit vaccines. Expression of notoriously challenging malaria proteins in ExpreS2 platform has enabled progress in these projects that address a huge medical need. ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies offers technology platform licensing opportunities for use in R&D and commercial protein manufacturing.

About the London Research Institute (Cancer Research UK)
Cancer Research UK (CR-UK) is a cancer research and awareness charity with the aim of reducing the number of deaths from cancer. The London Research Institute (LRI) is one of the CR-UK sponsored flagship research institutes and has an emphasis on basic research into the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying development of the many different forms of cancer known today.


Sancha Salgueiro, Ph.D., MBA
Vice President Business Development
ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies
Agern Allé 1, DK-2970 Hørsholm, Denmark
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dr Svend Kjaer
Head of Protein Purification Facility (PPF), LRI
44, Lincoln's Inn Fields, Room 436-7
WC2A 3LY London
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7269 3171

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