NeuroDigm Uses Tissue Repair in an Innovative Nerve Pain Model

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NeuroDigm President speaks on a gentle pain model in London May 22

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, May 12, 2017 / B3C newswire / --  NeuroDigm, dedicated to translating clinical knowledge into a new platform for research and development focused on neural pain, today announced that Mary Hannaman MD, president, will speak at Seligman Medical Institute’s (SMI) 17th annual Pain Therapeutics Conference May 22 – 23, 2017 in London, UK.

Neuropathic pain, a common form of disabling chronic pain, has long been considered “incurable”, and a morass of drugs and invasive treatments are being used for partial or temporary relief. Neuropathic pain has been difficult to treat due to the complex multifactorial responses arising after nerve pain becomes established over months.

NeuroDigm has developed a simple nonsurgical animal model that induces fibrosis, a known tissue repair process, to induce neuropathic pain that persists for months.

At SMI, Dr. Hannaman will present on:

  • Preclinical study of analgesics using the NeuroDigm GEL™ Model, in which the model’s drug responses mirror those of patients with chronic nerve pain.
  • Histological findings of the preclinical study, revealing a site of neural regeneration.
  • Pilot study using a targeted injection of erythropoeitin (EPO) to resolve pain behaviors present in the model for over 4 months.

NeuroDigm’s study is posted on F1000Research.

The NeuroDigm GEL™ model and the pilot study’s use of EPO are based on Dr. Hannaman’s extensive clinical experience with therapeutic peripheral nerve blocks.

“NeuroDigm has been committed to developing translational research tools with a focus on neural regeneration rather than neural degeneration,” states Hannaman. “Our new preclinical data demonstrates the possibility of our technology enabling new treatments to possibly resolve neuropathic pain. We are excited by the possibility of helping provide effective treatments for the over 3% of the global population who suffer from neuropathic pain each year.”

About NeuroDigm Corporation
NeuroDigm designs biogenic neural pain models for researchers in bioimaging and in the medical device area for use in the development of new peripheral diagnostics. Biophysical, neural regeneration, tissue matrix and cell signaling researchers can use the models for research and preclinical drug development. These models have significant translational value, since the process used in the creation of the refined NeuroDigm GEL™ model is biomimetic.

NeuroDigm Corp. is a private company in Colorado, USA.


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