Invicro Acquires Imanova to Expand Global Imaging Capabilities

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Combined business delivers world-leading imaging capabilities to drive improved decision-making from early drug discovery to late-phase clinical development

Boston, MA, USA, September 12, 2017 / B3C newswire / -- Invicro, LLC, a leading provider of imaging services and software for research and drug development, announced today the acquisition of UK-based Imanova. Invicro and Imanova will merge all activities to establish the world’s largest provider of translational imaging services and analytics from pre-clinical development through to late-phase clinical trials.

“Joining forces with the phenomenal research team at Imanova expands our translational, analytic and geographic offering.  Our groups share a common mission of improving research trials through the development and application of quantitative imaging biomarkers,” said Dr. Jack Hoppin, Invicro’s Co-Founder and CEO. “Our combined research teams hold a collective pride in the development of novel offerings in discovery as well as the engineering of scalable, reproducible solutions for deployment in late-phase development.”

Imanova is a recognized world-leader in the application of PET and MR imaging, with a focus on translational research to support the transition from pre-clinical studies to Phase I/II studies in humans. The services of the combined business covers the entire translational spectrum, ranging from novel biomarker evaluation and development in early discovery to late-phase clinical trials support.

“Invicro develops innovative analytical approaches for clinical trials, which are highly complementary with our own. Combining Invicro’s and Imanova’s analytics platforms means we have a best-in-class imaging informatics team to help reduce risk in drug development,” said Dr. Kevin Cox, Imanova’s CEO. “As a combined enterprise we will be a truly translational quantitative biomarker company, with an expanding late-phase clinical trial offering, able to meet the needs of a growing global market.”

The addition of Imanova is part of Invicro’s ongoing growth strategy, to realise its mission to improve therapeutic discovery and development efforts through visualizing and quantifying biological and pathological processes in order to better diagnose, characterize, prevent, treat and, ultimately, cure disease.

About Imaging Sciences and Quantitative Biomarkers
The importance of imaging sciences for clinical decision making has steadily increased over the last 40 years. In particular, the use of biomedical imaging to provide critical information regarding delivery of a new drug, target engagement and pharmacological effect. This information either validates or helps to discard a potential therapeutic candidate early in the drug development and clinical pathway, meaning significant savings in overall cost, resource and time.
There is also a drive towards quantification of imaging science by using quantitative imaging biomarkers. A biomarker is a characteristic that can be objectively measured as an indicator of normal biological process, pathogenic process, or pharmacologic responses to a therapeutic intervention. Quantitative imaging biomarkers can improve the sensitivity, specificity, accuracy and reproducibility of imaged characteristics used for diagnostic and therapeutic decisions.
An important aspect of the discovery, characterization, validation and application of quantitative imaging biomarkers is the extraction of information through image processing and subsequent analysis.

About Invicro
Based in Boston, MA, Invicro was founded in 2008 with the mission of improving the role and function of imaging in translational drug discovery and development across all therapeutic areas. Invicro’s multi-disciplinary team provides a full range of image informatics, engineering and operational services. Originally focused on imaging in discovery phase, in 2016 Invicro expanded its offering in clinical phase research with the acquisition of Molecular Neuroimaging, LLC.  Now through preclinical and clinical divisions, Invicro develops and leverages the latest approaches in imaging quantitative biomarkers. The successful integration of the discovery and clinical teams onto Invicro’s industry-leading software informatics platforms, VivoQuant® and iPACS®, has inspired a strong and growing presence in the market. 

About Imanova
Imanova is a translational research company that specializes in applying positron emission tomography (PET) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanning techniques to improve productivity in early drug development and to help improve disease understanding.
Established in 2011 Imanova was formed in an innovative alliance between the UK's Medical Research Council, Imperial College London, King's College London and University College London to act as a conduit between academia and industry. 


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