leon-nanodrugs Supports Takeda in a Feasibility Assessment of leon’s Proprietary MicroJet Reactor (MJR®) Nano-Technology

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Munich, Germany, July 17, 2018 / B3C newswire / -- leon-nanodrugs GmbH (“leon”) is pleased to announce that its proprietary MicroJet Reactor (MJR®) nano-technology has been selected by Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. (Takeda) for a feasibility assessment that could potentially lead to the development of an innovative formulation of one of their current pipeline products.

leon-nanodrugs announced that the company has started a feasibility assessment collaboration with Takeda. Under this collaboration, leon will support Takeda`s formulation efforts to optimize solubility, bioavailability and stability for one of Takeda’s current pipeline products for drug delivery using leon’s proprietary nanotechnology platform –MicroJet Reactor (MJR®).

leon`s platform can be used from early compound screening to production of market batches. Positive results from this feasibility study could potentially result in a long-term collaboration between the companies, and additional compounds may also be considered.

It is estimated that over 60% of pharmaceutical API’s are poorly soluble in water.  leon’s MJR technology offers reformulation options that not only address this issue, but can also lead to a superior profile for the API by increasing bioavailability, reducing inter patient variability, improving onset of action, etc. The one-step, bottom up, continuous precipitation process approach of the MJR® technology is cost effective and easily scalable.

Dr. Michael Mehler, CEO of leon-nanodrugs GmbH comments: “We are very pleased and proud that Takeda selected our MJR® technology for a feasibility assessment with one of their compounds in development. It is a major milestone for our company to win Takeda, a globally leading pharmaceutical company, as a partner and we look forward to this collaboration with the goal to contributing to bring valuable new medicines to patients worldwide.”

About leon
leon-nanodrugs GmbH (Munich) is a nanotechnology-based drug development company focused on reformulations to develop novel oral and parenteral formulations and innovative drug combinations. Build on its “network of expertise”, leon-nanodrugs can provide a 360 degree service range – from concept to product approval. By using MJR®-technology leon took the technical leadership in the re-formulation market and is creating patient benefits and economical values to existing drugs. leon works with its Pharma customers through contract development agreements, as well as co-development partnerships. leon has also initiated work on its own internal development projects, concentrating on nanotechnology-based reformulations that offer enhanced clinical and safety benefits.


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