ProteoNic Biotechnology Licenses Protein Production Technology to Bayer

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LEIDEN, the Netherlands, March 28, 2019 / B3C newswire / -- ProteoNic Biotechnology BV today announced that it has licensed its 2G UNic™ technology for boosting recombinant protein production to the pharmaceutical company Bayer.

Under the agreement, Bayer gains non-exclusive, worldwide commercial rights for application of the technology to the development of its proprietary products. Financial details of the agreement were not disclosed.

The companies reached agreement following evaluation of the technology by Bayer regarding levels of recombinant protein production as well as product characteristics.  Bayer will present the data at the Conference “Cell Line Development and Engineering Europe 2019”, held in Vienna April 2-4, by Dr. Anke Mayer-Bartschmid.
ProteoNic’s protein expression technology is designed to improve cell line production levels across a range of host cells, selection systems and protein targets. This is achieved via the combined effect of novel genetic elements, which synergistically exert a positive effect on recombinant protein production levels.
ProteoNic’s 2G UNic™ can be combined with other expression-enhancing technologies to improve their performance.

Frank Pieper, CEO of ProteoNic commented: “ProteoNic’s clients consistently observe commercially relevant improvement of cell line productivity by adding 2G UNic™ to their best expression system or by applying 2G UNic™ in a stand-alone fashion.  We believe that current expression systems have much room for improvement, and that 2G UNic™ technology can make an important contribution to the economically viable production of both innovator and biosimilar products. We will continue our work to reach maximum potential of the production of biologicals for current and future clients”.


About ProteoNic Biotechnology BV
ProteoNic is a privately held company with offices in Leiden, the Netherlands and Boston, USA. The company offers technology and services for the generation of cell lines with greatly improved biologics production characteristics, including production levels and stability. The company commercializes its proprietary 2G UNic™ technology through licensing and partnership arrangements.



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